Do you need a change or do you want a change in your life ?!

It comes like a sudden shock! We enter a happy phase of life but as usual uncertainty reins our lives to avoid boredom. Life is as unpredictable as a climax of an interesting book. One tends to get tired of the routine in life and wants a change. Change is something one wants and doesn’t in the same breath. Change requires efforts at times and at times life just changes and we cannot do anything about it but go with the flow.

Life needs to be lived well, but who is to define the definition of WELL for us. We need to make our own rules; we need to determine what the right theme of life is for us. For me happiness and peace of mind play a very role. Without them I feel like a lost puppy whining for attention and care.

I live my life in phases as I have always mentioned and I tend to tip towards extremism. However much I try to attain a balance, it stays for some time and then Poof!  It’s gone and some other phase takes over.

Change is the only constant in life, without which we will feel very ordinary. We crave changes even if they are of the minutest ones.

What kind of life do you like? One which is constantly boring or one which gives you changes and keeps you on your toes?!

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and let life help you live it your way; just remember to be happy! :) Cheers!

Heart attack


Unpredictable as they come,

Heartbreaks wind you down,

Make your heart shatter,

Like nothing in the world would matter,

Now that you’re back to reality forlorn,

Life needs to keep moving on,

One step at a time towards the unknown,

Take your time doing this steady and slow,

Life loves laughing at your face and saying I told you so,

Just pick up the pieces and get back on that horse of life,

Coz you’re one tough cookie,

Life’s tumbles and falls make you strong and humble.

Mind in denial mode…body in hibernation mode and I am in my own weird world!

Heylo peeps,
I love the hills but after a certain time frame my whole system needs a new theme, even if it’s the same one a few months back.Don’t know what I want or don’t want as of now. Mixed feelings rule my mind. I think I am borderline healthy but I don’t feel like doing much with myself. I try or I think I am barely scratching the surface of eating right and being healthy. Anyhow, sooner or later I will get back on that health horse and I will do it justice for sometime before I fall down again and then pick myself up again. The see-saw of my life! *sigh*… I do come from an extremist nature family and I keep hoping I can find common ground but never the case for long…Grrr! Anyhow like I keep harping on the fact that whatever I do, wherever I am or whoever I am with I need to be happy and yes I can successfully and brilliantly quote that I am happy! grinning from ear to ear if you ask me so.
Feels good to pen down these words for you all to read! Hope everyone is doing fine in their own lives!
Prayers and good wishes to all,

Little Miss Moody Me!











Life throws innumerable phases our way, I guess it just depends how we handle them. I can be the laziest thing on earth and the other time I would be on my feet all the time. I want to be in touch with ALL the people I know and want to know more people and another time just want to be by myself and my family would crib about not seeing me besides meal times (only coz my family likes to eat two meals together at the least).Why do I feel full of energy one day and soon feel like I’ve picked up a truck when I haven’t really done anything?!  Grrrrrr! At times I just don’t understand my own self. I see people with so much energy and spontaneously moving about with their lives. Gosh! I really admire those people. Where do they get this bout of energy from? I am at times like that but then once the air is out of the balloon of my energetic life cycle, I lay there like a lazy lil piglet! (He he! This is my attempt on looking cute at the worst phase of my life!)

Anyhow, people often ask me what are you doing and I answer that I am a freelance creative writer but as of now not really working, I am doing what most people feel guilty doing and that is trying to and staying happy! Why do people feel guilty when they get happiness out of doing something? Who is to say what is right or wrong? I feel as long as you are not hurting anyone while achieving that level of happiness that gives you the much needed high in your life, go for it! Stop feeling guilty about living your life YOUR way!




Everyone’s definition of happiness varies…and I feel happy when I hear the name of someone I like, or any of my friends, or when I see misty hills, when I see sweet treats (A new phase of mine, I can’t really afford health wise to eat them but I love looking at other people eating them, at least on the television!).

When I am in an ‘Oh so cranky mood’ of mine, I try and cheer myself up by counting all my blessings, having a cup of warm tea, or think of people who LOVE me (Yes! Yes! I am VERY loveable! :p ) Coincidentally I am in a cranky mood today and I felt it’s best I write it all down and share it with the people who like my work, this too feels good when people you know or complete strangers appreciating your thoughts penned down to relieve some hidden stress hormones.

Soooo, I hope all of you are having a good Tuesday. The week is somewhere on the verge of tumbling into mid week. I shall try and deal with my happy yet so mundane enjoyable life in my own quirky way.

Cheers…Stay happy and Keep smiling!



Shaping my Life!

Shape up my life!



Looking back just about the starting of this year I feel my life felt and looked so different. It looks and feels like a transformation. To people who see me it may look like it was a very difficult path, I semi- agree and semi-disagree. Life is as you choose it to be. It’s the battle of your mind over desire. A lifestyle change isn’t just you changing the way you eat or exercise, it is also how you psychologically think every step of the way; one needs to plan their life a little in advance to see the image they picture themselves as in front of the mirror.

I still somehow feel amazed at where I have come in my health and fitness goals and STILL feel it’s JUST the beginning, there is so much more to master especially mind over matter.  Earlier I knew I had to stop myself from eating to reduce, now that I have come to a level I feel I can take a miniscule amount of liberty, but even  then I  feel more nervous than what I used to feel earlier!  I have and am learning to deal with this level of anxiety.

For most people looking at food and watching food shows or pictures will tempt them into eating the food they are craving right away, and I don’t blame them because I used to feel the same some months back but after the healthy substitutes and a treat once in a while in my diet that have been introduced I enjoy watching food shows and INFACT often drool over Instagram snaps of cupcakes and cakes mostly. Suddenly my sweet tooth has grown and I feel the need to eat a bit of sweets, which earlier wasn’t such a biggie because I would eat anything and everything anyhow.

The feeling of happiness when people compliment me  and say you’ve lost a lot of weight is quite overwhelming at times but I have learnt to accept it with a simple thank you and not let it go to my head. Also the trick is to listen and accept all compliments BUT in the end know what your true path to salvation is.

I feel it’s all a psychological circus and you have to deal with a lot of stuff that goes on in your own mind and heart. I for one rely more on my gut instincts, luckily they haven’t really betrayed my trust as such. Looking at fitness inspirational snaps and videos also gives me the boost I feel is needed to keep you going. Anything that helps you set your mind and makes you do whatever it takes to stay focused.

You need trust and luck in the end also, like you need to be lucky enough to find a proper trainer and nutritionist to help you reach your goals but in the end it’s the trust you put in them that matters. It is a team effort. Even if you decide to make the change yourself which is a little difficult but not impossible you need to read and help yourself. Nowadays everything is available to us via the internet BUT the downside is that there is just TOO much information floating and too many people who have their own ideas about everything. So, NOT only for fitness and health or your eating habits, you have to realize that we need to listen and hear everything BUT in the end do what YOU think is best! ONLY you can help and mould yourself into the person you desire to be. Be your own Picasso, be the writer of your own story, don’t play only by the rules set by other people, make your own rules, live life the way it was meant to be lived, happy and excited; excitement to get up each day and face the world with enthusiasm to make sure this day is going to be one step towards a better life that you envision for yourself. I know that I do that but also take it one baby step at a time.

Doubts in our mind about us can be our worst enemy; I have been fighting this battle with them and hope to overcome it soon. Doubts can eat away at one’s confidence wardrobe and make you feel hollow. I intend to make sure that I get rid of all doubts, go past the potholes of low confidence levels and ride on a much smoother road to success in life. I have always had it in me to live and let live and I intend to do that for the rest of my earthly being. Cheers and always remember stay positive and shape up your life in your own style. Keep smiling and take care! Peace out.

Note to Self!


Hey you! Looks and feels like everything is going as it should, then why do I feel a slight emptiness inside of me? Why do I have to keep listening to other people tell me what is and what isn’t right for me? And top it all why does it bother me when I always say I don’t care what others have to say about my life?

On the much brighter side in life I have come to the realization (which was pretty obvious, but I was oblivious to the fact), that health is the A-all in life, If you are fit everything rolls to the good side of the hill for you otherwise it’s all downhill for you my friend.

Now to come to the point which has been scratching a side of my brain; Money! Why is money so important for us in life? I am not saying it isn’t for me, because then I would sound very superficial; but I feel it’s not something by which you choose someone to be in your life or not. Like for example, if the person makes more money than you, then in my case anyone would make more money than me because I don’t earn anything. I only earn in happiness, peace of mind, positivity, health, and all kinds of philosophical wealth, but for me this is my wealth.

Thanks to the eternal source of power over us we call God, and my family; I have enough to keep me going for a lifetime. I don’t need a Man to take care of me monetarily, what I do need is to find someone who will share my life with me and we each take care of one another, in sickness and in good health, in richness and poverty & in good or bad fortune. Is it a lot I am asking for? Or am I in a fantasy world as I am seldom told.

I feel such an individual exists, and it will take some more perseverance and patience on my part to wait for him. I don’t want him to be perfect, as he will be perfect for me; I will love him with all his good and bad traits and hopefully he shall do the same for me because no person is perfect. Perfection is a farce, it’s a mirage, it’s just something we all want to achieve but it’s something we all feel isn’t enough even if we reach its boundary!

I live each day as it comes; enjoy every bit of fortune that comes my way! I count my blessings and am thankful, I always see it’s always better to see the glass half full, that way if I am thirsty I get to take a few sips and be grateful that what I believed was true!

I am happy and at the time and place I am meant to be! I believe in myself and I shall shake all the doubts that circle me!

Can you think for yourself?!


Has it ever occurred to you that we live in a world where  people have a certain set rules for life? Where people have more time to think of what others are doing with their lives, who they are hanging out with and so on & so forth? Gossiping is something every individual does, even if many claim they don’t! But talking about people and spoiling their lives because of that is a crime, it’s a social evil!

I for one don’t believe in life having set rules…Hate is a strong word but I must absolutely use it here! I don’t like being judged, to judge people and above all of it hate judging myself. Society as a whole has a dirty habit of making up rules and we have to adhere accordingly.

I ask all of you, who made these rules? Did we have a list of them from the time we realize we had a society? How come every culture has a different set of them then?  Why can’t each of us have a right to know and learn from our mistakes and then comprehend what kind of life we chose to live?!

It petty to assume that two individuals who are friends from different sexes can’t be just friends;  I agree that there will be a certain amount of attraction therefore the two are friends, same goes  for two women or two men. Deny it all you want but that is a truth, attraction is what brings everyone together; be it of any kind. Love, hate, friendship are all forms of attractions. You are even attracted to hate people. It sounds nuts but it’s true. You think of the person you dislike or hate as much as the people you love or are friends with! People who don’t interest you will never occupy any part of your brain or your thought process!

In this day and date we all want change but IF we don’t change the way we think how you do expect to change anything?!

Please learn to live and let live. Don’t rely on hearsay or what you see… Trust only what you come across first hand and that to if you have any doubts and the person concerned is close to you, then clear it out!

Always best not to presume, assume or doubt anything!  Life is too short for such things… Misunderstanding and false talk can spoil someone else’s life and make it a living hell!

People who go by what others say don’t have a mind of their own and can easily be misled into thinking the worst possible scenarios in life. Be positive and let others live life positively as well!





Hello Life or Hell- Oh life…the choice is yours!

Hey there, sometimes in life when lots of things happen to you at once, and then suddenly you go into a period of time when everything seems to be moving smoothly but slowly, that moment you feel why life has suddenly lost its zing. We don’t understand that this is the calm we had been praying for when life was throwing stones our way or we were too busy getting our lives into order.

We always want to be on the other side of the fence. We are in so much hurry to know what is next, in the bargain we forget to enjoy life in the present. I need to remind myself just that, and I have decided that I am going to enjoy the calm just as much as I enjoy the chaos.

There are days when I am thinking something ordinary and suddenly out of the blue I remember that this life could end at any given time. Instances come into our lives of hearing of people’s lives ending with the weirdest diseases or accidents. I shudder at such information each time I come across it. I thank God always for the luck and blessings that are bestowed upon me, my family and friends.

I don’t mind getting stuck with problems that have solutions; it’s the one’s that can’t be solved that leave me flabbergasted. Life is too short to keep getting scared or nervous about when it would come to an end, the inevitable will happen when it is meant to happen, until then give life a run for its money.

Live life according to your own terms, I feel everyone can do that but within their own limitations because not everyone is as lucky as I am in life and like I always do and say, I am VERY grateful for everything in life.

In life you want to save the people you love but mostly you can’t do that, they need to save themselves, cause that is something only they can do! We have to keep fighting the battle of saving ourselves in this life. We come across so much negativity, that it drains me as every corner I encounter it; but then I stop at the nearest positivity counter and get myself a refill of the positivity serum which keeps me going a few more rounds with a renewed spurt of energy.

Life needs to be taken as it comes and cherish every bit of it. One never knows what is to happen next and that in itself is what makes life interesting!


Keep Calm…Breathe & Relax!



I have been told innumerable times that I have a very cushiony life and what worries would I have! But people don’t realise that it is human nature to worry…If we have nothing to worry about we think up worries, this does not mean that a person with a much easier life than others doesn’t have a care in the world. There are many things that can be on our minds, everything matters when we say nothing is the matter. Women think more than Men and that is one of our plus points to multitask and it can also be our breakdown point as we can’t handle everything at the same time always.

I personally have a habit of thinking too much. I feel even in my sleep I dream more cause my brain is constantly thinking. I can’t say how much of that thinking is useful but sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes for the worst. I couldn’t believe myself when I started stressing over the fact that I had to meditate and calm myself, in return I realised I have a habit of sticking to schedule and sometimes that in itself stresses me more.

I live my life in phases as I have mentioned earlier, I always crave change, I think monotony bores me…I constantly need a little drama in my life. I am seeking balance in life which I am unable to obtain…Still I am not going to give up, this might be a lifelong struggle and I intend to fight all these mini to magnanimous battles in life with a simple Breathe in and out and relax attitude. I suggest you do the same…Keep Calm Breathe & Relax! :)

Cheers! Until next time… :)