Keep Calm…Breathe & Relax!



I have been told innumerable times that I have a very cushiony life and what worries would I have! But people don’t realise that it is human nature to worry…If we have nothing to worry about we think up worries, this does not mean that a person with a much easier life than others doesn’t have a care in the world. There are many things that can be on our minds, everything matters when we say nothing is the matter. Women think more than Men and that is one of our plus points to multitask and it can also be our breakdown point as we can’t handle everything at the same time always.

I personally have a habit of thinking too much. I feel even in my sleep I dream more cause my brain is constantly thinking. I can’t say how much of that thinking is useful but sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes for the worst. I couldn’t believe myself when I started stressing over the fact that I had to meditate and calm myself, in return I realised I have a habit of sticking to schedule and sometimes that in itself stresses me more.

I live my life in phases as I have mentioned earlier, I always crave change, I think monotony bores me…I constantly need a little drama in my life. I am seeking balance in life which I am unable to obtain…Still I am not going to give up, this might be a lifelong struggle and I intend to fight all these mini to magnanimous battles in life with a simple Breathe in and out and relax attitude. I suggest you do the same…Keep Calm Breathe & Relax! :)

Cheers! Until next time… :)

Online shopping can be pretty addictive…What do you think?!

Heylo, It’s time I wrote again and this time I have realized that Image online shopping can be very addictive but it’s the most convenient way in this day and date. I have been shopping online since more than a few years now. It’s very easily accessible but I really do tend to control my hand at just spending for the sake of entertainment,even though occasionally I do end up buying a few things that I feel are add ons. Anyhow the whole idea of writing this post is that I feel shopping of any kind can be therapeutic but at the same time can burn holes into our virtual pockets. So ladies and gentlemen, yes!, even gentlemen shop more online than in person, please be careful everytime you try to swipe that card through that virtual slot, you may end up with surprises but at times you may end up with it hurting in the most known and most despised hurtful areas.

Nowadays life can become so easy, most things are at the end of a click away, matter of fact, we are too lazy to get out of our homes when we’re not in dire need of a particular item and we go online, search, select and pick it up. With shopping becoming accessible over smartphone applications now, shopping has become a treat to go!

I love shopping online for things I know my size and preference or to things I feel look quite what they are in the pictures presented by the companies.

If you can trust your gut and do what what your heart edges you to, take small risks in life, then shopping online is the key thing for you.

Take care and Have a blast shopping from the convenience of your homes,offices or on the walkabout!

Cheers for now, until I am yet again reminded to pen down my thoughts!


So…do you think you think too much?!

Hey there, it seems it’s time for me to write again and that’s good because now I truly do need reminders to make me write what goes on in my head.
I have been repeatedly told that I have a habit of overthinking things and I think it is true. But this is a trait that I learnt from my family, we have a habit to plan things and that in itself keeps us in the thoughts that are not needed.

Sometimes thinking is good for us but when we have nothing better to keep ourselves occupied we keep thinking a lot of scenarios that wouldn’t have entered our thought stream otherwise. I dream mostly every night and that in itself proves to me that my mind doesn’t want to be vacant even when my body is resting.
Have been trying to control my thoughts by either writing them down, pen them here or most recent development trying to somewhat meditate. I can’t say it’s helping me but it’s making me think slower at least.
I’m a person with a positive attitude in Life but even then at times my mind plays tricks with me which brings my self confidence down. I need to strive everyday to build up my self esteem and confidence, motivate myself for a better today and a much better tomorrow.
Thoughts are our weapons to use at our own discretion but if not used properly can be the most devilish instruments yielded.

Think wisely and positively. This doesn’t mean we stop our thoughts just need to monitor them and help them bring out the best in us, each
moment to each lifetime!
Stay happy and healthy! Take care…


Fear of the unknown but training for life!

1947724_10153905046430092_1019876461_nIt’s 3 in the morning and I have been awake since 2 after falling off to bed in deep slumber from 11 pm. My mind is in a state of utter confusion as of now, as my heart is at most times. It wants to sleep but it’s kind of fresh from the good 3 hour sleep it has captured. Life is a little confusing at times but I have come to the realization that if it wasn’t so we’d find it very dull and boring. I know for a fact that when my life is going as smooth as silk, I try to find things to make it a little difficult for my own sake.

Past two months have been quite a trip. I have finally started on a lifestyle change journey of my life and I intend to stick to it for LIFE! With a few changes in me I feel a teensy bit confident to take on life with an attitude I really lacked earlier. We learn a lot of things each day and that is what builds up our life’s timeline.

These past few days have gone by quite quickly and also I felt were quite tiring at the same time BUT I enjoyed myself thoroughly because I reconnected with one of my best friends after ages and I really miss her presence on a day-to-day basis ; but we’re always in touch and I feel the distance keeps us grounded and makes it better for us to connect better when we meet.  I love all my girlies!

Also in life I am coming across lots of things & thoughts to dwell upon and I keep wondering what am I to do. I am going with the flow and what my gut instincts are telling me to do but someone my mind always plays tricks and tries to confuse me if I am doing the right thing or not. I hate it when I judge myself more so!  I do not like it one bit! Anyhow, life is such!

Life is making changes as I write this post and I keep wondering what is in store for me but I also think that’s the beauty of it all, as much as I am scared or anxious of the unknown, I truly enjoy the surprises life throws my way!  So here’s to a life of very many surprises and cheers to whatever is going to come my way!

So at this early but late time of the night or early morning with some amount of closure after I have put all these thoughts on digital paper, I feel a little lighter and maybe I can take on afresh from now on with a better n confident attitude.

When God shuts a door, he always opens a window!




There are times in our lives that we wish we never existed because of the amount of pressure that builds up inside us is tremendously empowering. We need to vent this frustration time and again to make ourselves feel lighter and ready for the next time span of mental battles. Life is best when it is unpredictable because it does not give us the time to react at times. If we knew what is to happen we’d either be freaking out or go into a panic attack mode. Each problem however minuscule or gigantic makes us stronger for the next one to come towards us like a meteorite heading into the earth’s hemisphere.

There are somethings one needs to convey in those many words to the people they love, however much those words might hurt the others. We can’t keep everything buried way deep inside us. If we try to make everyone happy around us, we will be the only ones left unhappy. That is the A rule of life. Everyone cannot be happy at the same time, because everyone’s definition of happiness defers. 

Anyhow that is life. So as I am and always choose to be philosophical to the core, these past days I have not been my usual happy and at peace with myself self. I have bitten off many heads and slaps many hands with my sharp words. NOT proud of it but I guess It had to happen! I was boiling inside and the vent had to be opened to let the steam out. Now that  the steam is out I am feeling more or less at a peace with myself, at least until I boil to the brim again. 

As I always believe reason behind everything, time and place for everything, I also believe that when God shuts a door in our lives, he most definitely leaves a small area of a window open for us to explore or breathe easy. 

Taking each day as it comes as usual, though these days I have a better lifestyle choice and I plan to stick by it life long. 

Wish me luck in my Fitness endevour and also for the journey I call life where I seek utmost peace and my share of happiness I know I truly deserve! 

Take care and Cheers to Good health! 

Review for ‘ The Other Side’ by Faraaz Kazi & Vivek Banerjee


It took me some days to grasp the idea that I was to read a book based on horror stories. Since I have always enjoyed reading what Faraaz writes I decided to give it a go while praying all along! I can honestly say it was a chilling experience but I enjoyed it too. It was reading on a completely different level for me. I am not sure if I will continue reading horror but I can say this was worth reading and visualizing the whole book come alive right in front of my visual eyes. Read it and understand that life can take very unexpected turns even if we feel we’re the most positive souls on earth. Try not reading it at night  BUT if you do read it then make sure no one’s under the bed trying to jump your bones. *wink*

A new ‘Me’ in the New Year!


This year is ending and a new year is about to be begin. Everyone has their list of new year resolutions. This year we’ll do this and this year we’ll be this good and all that jazz. It’s great to be positive but how much of it do we actually accomplish in that given year?  Even then it’s a good thing human nature is greedy. We want more and we want everything. So the more we want the more we’re going to try and not give up that easily.

Life as we know it exists because of all these little things that we want or the humongous material things we crave. I, for one don’t like piling my issues onto time but I feel this particular year could have gone a little better. Nothing major to jump up n down with joy but nothing as such to cry about too; all in all an OK year.

I want and need 2014 to make me a better person, a person I know hidden deep inside me eagerly waiting for come out and scream!

So eagerly waiting for the new year 2014 and wishing you all a great year ahead. Good health and lots of luck and happiness! 

The ‘It’ search is On!

I have encountered many a sceptic. They feel they know all the answers to life, even for those they just know of. Everyone goes by the rules written in the divine book of life that has been passed down century after century.

Change is constant and people seldom want change. I, on the other hand crave certain changes in life time to time but that doesn’t mean I don’t fall into a similar pattern which I have been in earlier.

Questions are relentless. Question are inexhaustible. They circle us from outside and within the core of our life. Sometimes it is ourselves questioning our own being, that you can call your conscience and handle it’s volume to a certain level; but the questions that surround you from the society are the one’s I want to slash with a sword and destroy with grenades.

The questions that make you constantly feel like a failure, when in reality it is us who know what we want and keep answering to losers all around. We need to keep making up dialogues to extinguish these questions day in and day out.

Why can’t people understand that everyone has their own time cycle, everything cannot go by what they determine as right and wrong?! Things that have been happening don’t necessarily mean that you need to continue them in the exact manner.

People don’t understand that I search for the gut instinct while I have relied on throughout my life, it doesn’t matter if It means at the end I am taking a chance. More times I have taken calculative chances and they have been in my favour. Only a few have backfired which from time and again have referred to as experiences.

I understand that people so called ‘care’ but I feel they should be more positive in life and see if they can help in their own quiet way rather than shoving questions down someone’s throat.

This continuity of questions gives heaviness to the phrase,

curiosity killed the cat!

But in this case the curious wound the victim with their arrows of continuous torture queriers.

We in the end will find answers to life’s unanswerable mysteries in our own philosophical way but I don’t think these questions will ever cease! God bless us to have the power to keep answering them innumerable times!!!


So close yet so far!

Days spent in solitude and peace…with no mobile service and internet. Family time but for me I slept through these days like I was a bear hibernating. Have realized that nowadays, people (including me), prefer to communicate through SMS or the internet.The written word is more prominent is everyone’s lives than the spoken word these days.
People feel they can express and say a lot more when they write it than say it to anyone, that is quite true but it’s ironically making us further apart and closer in the same sentence.

Nevertheless, as long as people communicate with each other is the main idea. There are many kinds of communication, in that the most used one is miscommunication. YES!!!
We miscommunicate more than we communicate. We want to say something and we end up saying or doing something completely different. Life and circumstances make us do a lot of things, some we want to and some we are made to.

Everything in life does happen for a reason, be it good or bad is upto us to decide.

Alone and me time seldom killed anyone but to people who crave technology and communication at all given time, could feel like sudden death. It takes a little time but once we come up for fresh air we realise it’s not all lost. Life isn’t only about one thing, there are innumerable phases which we go through. Too many of which we feel we can never be in, yet, we endure them when necessary. It’s life’s way of telling us we can’t have it all and if you do get what you want sometimes you gotto sacrifice something to get something else your heart desires.
All in life if we take every life situation as an experience we don’t end up feeling ‘why me?!’, instead we are pushed to think ‘ why not me?!’, then we’ll be the one’s who better in life.

Anything can happen anytime in life, we need to be prepared. Life teaches us things in the weirdest ways. All we can do is learn and try to cope at every step of way.

Life throws a lots of rocks and a few golden apples our way, we need to learn to miss the rocks and collect the goodies. sigh! Life is the Master teacher and we are just it’s base class followers…our experiences will just take us to the foothills of it’s wisdom but then sky is the limit, all we can do is look up and wonder, ‘ how does it feel to be up there?!’