Curiosity killed the cat!


Have you ever realised that curiosity can be a very tricky emotion? It leads us to assumptions and presumptions… These can really screw with our minds and hearts. The simplest of stuff can get all knotted and twisted. You feel that everything is out to get you and nothing in life isn’t going your way.

Life is so unpredictable. One moment its all sunshine and the next second it can turn deary and thunderstorm appears. It’s how you handle yourself during this period that matters. Everyone can get through sunny days and feel real great about themselves but can you get totally drenched to your bones in emotions and then come out feeling alive? That is the true test my friend.

Usually people say words are the best friend to communication but I have realised silence plays an important role too. Though silence can be a real killer, the wait of not knowing whats happening in the other person’s mind is damn irritating. That is where curiosity comes and you want to dip yourself in the pool of questions which were better off unasked.

So I don’t know what one can do while being in such a situation but I think with personal experience, only time can tell. So either shoot out all the stupid curious questions and make a fool of yourself or just stay mum, die a slow death in your mind but wait it out and see what happens.

That is the only explanation to this mind and heart numbing experience. So all my kittens out there, beware, be aware n don’t forget to take care!


Faith & Belief!

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What is faith? Is it something that you just have or is it something you truly believe in? Does it help you if you have strong affirmations towards it or does it just blindly lead you into something you regret?

Faith can be for a lot of stuff. The main principle behind faith is belief. Belief is also a very interesting word. What one believes can truly change the person’s life. If one believes in a person and has total faith, that in itself can change your whole life. If your belief is trampled with, it can spoil your life and deject you totally. Belief in religion can easily make or break a person.Faith is something that pushes us to be strong. For me belief and faith so hand in hand. Everything is interconnected. I believe life teaches us to have faith and make sure we learn from our experiences.

Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, when it’s bad at that moment you want to scream on the top of your lungs but you don’t realise that, its happening to save your butt from getting fried later.

So with a little belief that life does this to make you prepared for everything, lets take a leap of faith!  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst as one particular person had always told me in life. Usually all his other words were rubbish but these made this phrase made sense. Sometimes the simplest words can mean a whole lot and the thickest book can just be a pile of gibberish.

Cheers to what lays ahead, with a little faith and hoping that the belief to be understood in life stays ON.


Live and let live!


Life has a funny way with timings. Things happen when you least expect them to. You seem to lose hope and want to grasp anything that comes your way and then suddenly you find a string, you start pulling and it leads you to this wonderful box full of surprises. It’s not easy to handle change but one has to realise that nothing good in life comes easy. You gotto work towards it. You need to take your stand, proove your worth. We need to learn to not judge anything and also need to realise that life is so beautiful. We must learn to take it with a pinch of salt. All the good and the bad, the sadness with the happiness,the crying with the laughter.

Life teaches us all the lessons in her own sweet ways. Sometimes we learn them early and sometimes we take our time.

Take every day as it comes, learn from every teeny experience and enjoy life to the fullest. Make your own defintion of happiness and abide by it. Live and Let live. Cheers!


Oops…I did it again!


Have you ever realized that human nature is a glutton for punishment? Everything is going on smoothly and suddenly you feel life is too simple, too boring, too ordinary…Right then you make your life complicated for the mere thrill of it. It’s like you’re sitting in front of a video game and you’re driving a car, you can see that you’re going to hit a rock or a stone or another car, but that doesn’t bother you, you still carry on… because you feel it’s just a game, you can start over; in life, it’s not like that. We cannot undo our actions by starting over always. It’s like karma is following you with a cane in its hand. You do something wrong sooner or later it will lash out at you.

Mistakes in life should be taken as experiences as I keep repeating over and over again to myself and to whoever has the patience to listen or read what I write. Some people make mistakes on purpose through their subconscious. They later realize that they didn’t mean to do this but have wanted to because according to their minds they lead a very boring life which looks rosy to others but in reality sucks for them. A mistake made once is a mistake and can be taken as an experience but a mistake done over and over again is just an excuse. A mistake done intentionally or by mistake has its consequences. If you’re in the middle of it all, you might as well be brave enough to face the fat woman sing when the time comes.  

Well whatever said and done I feel life teaches us the lessons we need to learn to move on the proper course in our lives. It is how we look at life that matters. If we sit and brood over what’s happened we can only make ourselves more miserable than we already feel. Face the issues head on if and when need be and live life with an open mind and an open heart. Make amends and rethink your decisions in life. Always follow your gut and have the guts to live and let live.  Cheers!



Do you have happy thoughts mostly ?! Yes,Thank you God! 


Hey, Its been sometime since I’ve written here and I feel that I need to do more but something or the other keeps me from writing all that I think of! I have a lot of thoughts, mostly good ones, some of loneliness, some where I just want to be by myself and totally at peace with myself. 

I keep coming back to the same thought in life. What are we here to achieve? Isn’t it happiness? Doesn’t peace of mind also lead to happiness? To find happiness in the most weirdest and saddest situations in life? 

Even the people who have nothing in life have their own definition of happiness. It all depends on how we look at life and what defines happiness for us. 

For me happiness is spending time with myself, with my family and friends. Eating good food brings me happiness. Reading and watching movies makes me happy. Listening to music, laughter or chattering of excited teenagers. Hearing small day to day miracles and incidents makes me happy. 

Have you asked yourself what makes you happy and you’re grateful for? So ask yourself what makes you happy when you’re all down and out or generally?! 

I am sure you are if you think of all the good things in life. Remember like attracts like. So be grateful for the life you have and the more you’re grateful the better your life will get! Trust me!  Keep smiling  😊 and Be Happy. Cheers! 👍🏻


Pro Protection!

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Hey all, you must think what kind of topic is this now. Well it’s the type where even though I belong to an endangered species community, I will would advice people to be pro protection. Children are  the cutest, sweetest and most adorable creatures, or so I have been told. They sure can be all that, but when the tantrums roll, it’s trumpeting gone wild. Everyone wants their name to go forward, a little mini themselves or like their partners. BUT until you are a 10001 and 10001 and 10001 percent sure you can handle the ups and downs of emotions please reconsider having any little yous. Phew! God help me if and when I do decide I want to mother a child or two in the future. Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs in this whole universe. You shoulder the responsibility to mold a child to it’s best capabilities, but in the bargain you lose a lot and yes, achieve maternal or paternal bliss as well! As  a by-standing observer I can only say one thing…Just be sure before you do anything you won’t regret later on in life. Cheers!