The Do Overs!

Are any of you afraid of do overs? I mean, of course we all get the feeling…oh god! not again BUT we still start doing those things again!

Let me elaborate, especially when we have the health related yo-yo’s in life or we have to work on yet another relationship or we have to start getting to know someone completely new after spending a decent amount of time invested into it. Things like making a dish all over again coz you feel it’s not good or perfect, getting dressed all over again cause you feel this just doesn’t feel right. Writing a message and reading it over and over again and then rewriting the whole message.

The games that our heart and mind play on us and then yet again we are caught in the obsession pool. We tell ourselves, we will try and be normal, lol, that’s something we keep telling ourselves to add to the do over list.

Reevaluating our priorities in life, spring clean the negative people from our lives even then we end up giving some of them a chance yet again, that do over can cost us a little piece of our soul but we still do it over again.



There are people you have always liked in life that you’d want a do over with but sometimes those do overs are meant to be or not. I heard a dialogue in a movie yesterday,” If someone’s meant to be yours, eventually they will be.” Set them free but don’t completely lose hope as miracles do happen if you want them real bad.

So on that positive I shall Do over what I usually do…Tell you guys that there is a time,place and reason behind everything. So don’t be afraid to have do over’s in life…It’s good to have a clean formatted life, keep doing regular backups and spring clean your lives as and when possible. Change is good. It’s how you look at change that matters. Look at it with a positive approach and you’ll look forward to change at regular intervals in life!

Take care and Stay well!

Feeling of Confusion or happiness?


The feeling of butterflies in your stomach may not be common to all but we have felt it sometime or the other in life. I tend to get them when I am excited, happy, nervous or majorly anxious about something. The feeling is a mix which confuses you even more.

Most of us feel it when you like or have a crush on someone, when that person is around or if they person corresponds with you. If you are anxious to know if the person likes you or not. The feels appears when you want something badly and it’s the idea you working on how to get it that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The excitement of the chase, the not knowing what, when or how?!  The curiosity to the conclusion of the woe-is-me tale.  Why are we so confused in life that we need some drama in it to make it more interesting. Why can’t a simple life make us satisfied? I guess we’re not built that way.

The chase is what we are after! The thrill of the chase! Sometime we are unaware of things around us and sometimes the people around us are unaware of how we feel about them. Life loves throwing puzzles  our way. We just need to know how to unravel them without any major disturbances. Guess the all in all is to look at life with a pinch of salt, just the right amount to bring flavour into it and keep us going!


Speed breakers 

People who live in India will be more aware of the word speed breaker than anyone else. You’ll find them at every few minutes on some roads. 

In life, such speed breakers come in the guise of issues, problems but it’s how you handle the situation, to slow down to avoid accidents is what matters. 

When everything looks and seems rosy, life seems a bright place to live in and then suddenly a few difference of opinions make you wonder if you really want this or not! 

Is too much honesty also bad? Should somethings be kept to ourselves?  Interesting questions to think about. 

There is always something we never tell or even admit to ourselves and yes somethings should to go to your grave with you! 

Why are people so scared of change? I for one don’t want anyone to change but even a little bit of change to their lifestyle and people tend to panic. I would infanct  like a change at given intervals, that’s my idea of the speed after a speed breaker in life. 

Anyhow each one to their own but yes, life is full of speed breakers for sure! Mostly for our safety, to keep us sane and not make us go mad with excitement or worry and end up in a ditch. 

Think about it, I know I am! 😜 


System overload! 

Have you every thought, we go about with our lives and then suddenly one day we feel what are we doing with our lives?! Is this what we thought we’d be doing? Is this it? Confusion along with presumptions and assumptions,can really be the mother of all f*** up’s in life. The moment we start judging our every move we really mess up our lives. 

The constant reminder that is needed to take life as it comes and to go with the flow flies right out the window when confusion and assumptions take their stand in your heart and mind. 

Confidence is a trickster as well, you know you have it but it goes and hides under the table right when you need it the most.

Drama is needed in life to make it interesting but why can’t some things be plain and simple, when people claim they’ll be honest how come suddenly there are hidden games and tricks up their sleeves.Maybe  it’s not intentional but even things done without realisation hurts just as much as doing them with an intention. 

Well as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you- makes you stronger. So here’s to being stronger and taking life as it comes with a pinch of salt, also hoping the lemon and tequila is on its way to your table. Cheers! 

Let life surprise you!

fc9aa06a0b67e26952e19e05e73a6acbPatience is the key,
I tell myself and have been told repeatedly,
Time, place and reason behind everything,
I go by this simple life philosophy.

It’s not an easy task to wait,
To know when to do or when to say what,
Sometimes you just want to scream,
Not behave in the way it’s meant to be,
Still overall I ask for guidance and help,
Also in every way I am thankful and show gratitude.
Waiting for life to surprise me again,
I know I deserve someone who is made just for me,
Having said that I conclude,
I am lucky to have a life,
That has taught me to be so positive.

That’s what She said! (A love letter that I wrote for the games evening yesterday.Luckily I won that round!)

My dearest and sweetie pie! I miss you a lot! Every minute I spent with you comes to mind with every song that plays on the radio! I love the way you sent me digital kisses even though I couldn’t feel them they hit the spot on my heart. I can’t tell how much I feel your emptiness. I love you and wish I could have gotten more time to get to be with you.

You are my monkey!!!  You are my song to the deepest tunes played on the piano of my heart. I feel you should be happy wherever or whoever you are with. Wish you the best with or without me! I will always love you. If you are meant to be with me then I will be with you! Destiny and Karma have played their dirtiest games. Let’s see who wins at the game of love! Cheers to life! Lots of kisses and hugs. Mwaah! Lots & lots of happiness! I’m repeating myself but that’s how much I feel for you.

Those days will be etched in my book of life. Cheers to spending more. Love you Lots, Ay. <3


Change is always the new black!


In life just when you think you have figured out the key to happiness, life throws you a confusing curve ball and you gotto get down to start figuring life and it’s loopholes again. The key to this is to let yourself be confused for a wee bit and then get back on the horse that’s saddled up and ready to go where you lead it to.

Life needs us to keep facing new areas in life. Everything isn’t exactly how we imagine it to be. If too much goes our way, we either get bored or we panic. So best is to get happiness in small doses, just about enough of which we can handle.  We tend to get extra scared when we get too happy as well. We feel something will go wrong and invariably it does too coz we will it to go wrong.

Doubts make us this way. Doubts drain us of our positivity. We need to stay positive and reach out to ourselves.

We need to know that change is good for us. In life we should know how to restart and start fresh. Face the same music but dance a different step to the same tune.

Life needs to be so that we feel sadness to understand the true meaning of happiness. Start yet again and accomplish which  you know you have it in you to do so.

Give it your best shot and don’t ever think that life is unfair. Life gives everyone  a chance. Sometimes some get  less and some get more!

The only thing that is constant in life is change. Live and Let Live…We all get what is coming for us!

Change your attitude and change your life. :) Change is the Key word here! :) Embrace it!

The thrill of the chase!

Have you heard the line from a Batman movie where the joker says that I am like the Dog that loves chasing cars, but I have no clue what I would do with it once I actually catch it ?!  This is how human reactions are too most times. We love the whole idea of the chase, we want to bark, flap our ears, and go all ga ga over the person we’re wanting to be with, then as the person seems to be falling for our charm, we look at another car that’s going somewhere else and our attention diverts or we stop and wonder, what if I catch up and I don’t want to be near that car?


The whole idea of perfection that we run after is quite vague. I for one look for chemistry and attraction, in every form. People feel I look for perfection, but it’s not correct. I know what I will do when I chase the car I really want to be near or at least I think I have come to a level now that I won’t panic and run away in the opposite direction. Fingers and toes crossed!

Anyhow everyone likes to play hard to get but I feel it is better to be quite open and avoid playing games with people around you. Chase all you want but then don’t desert something because suddenly your panic button starts beeping and you want to run from here to Timbuktu. Well, I  guess we learn a lot of lessons from life but I for one feel it gets easier from one lesson to the other, but it hurts even more. These are the things that make you tougher and make you look at life as a bigger picture.


Times like these, we independant people, more-so need to suck in those 6 shots, Hug ourselves and hibernate for a good 2 weeks of awesome sleep.

Kudos to such confusing times in life that make us the people we are!

Hick Hick Hurray!