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In sickness and in health




Hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys on blackboard

Words fail to leave me when I think how important the word health is. It is of utmost importance to us all… It is and should be the most important aspect in our lives because it is what keeps us going, just like a well maintained vehicle. It is better to take care each day than suddenly trying to rectify the damage what we’ve done in years.Very few people realise this before it’s too late. Most people try to make a difference after a major shock to their system. Sometimes they are lucky but most often with neglect the shocks are unbearable and thus comes the expected conclusion.

Even small illnesses make us realise how lucky we are to have a healthy system otherwise. The enjoyment of food- taste, appearance, and smell! Oh the smell is the most important as it’s the thing that reaches us first before the food actually reaches our tables.

It’s not a big deal to try and stay fit-Physical and Mental fitness…All one needs to really take care are some basic things:

  • Drink plenty of water or non sugary fluids.
  • Exercise or activity of any form of one’s choice.
  • Good amount of sleep and preferably a set pattern.
  • Eat everything but at the correct time and burn it off as and when possible.
  • Try to be happy and try to accept the sadness and move on or do something to change the situation and make the best of it.
  • If on medication, take it on time and maintain a routine.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself – Life is beautiful and you thank everyone who makes it beautiful and happy for you. Gratitude helps BIG time.
  • See the bad but try to see the magnitude of the good things in comparison to the bad ones that happen to you. Balance it out and you will realise you have the best life you could ask for!
  • Spend as much time with family and friends as you can. People who love you will always make sure you are fit, fed and happy.
  • Last  but not the least, try to be regular with your doctor’s checkups if and when suggested because it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Let me end this by saying,

Here’s to people who are with you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, in happiness and sadness…Coz it’s not only that you marry one person in your life, But it’s how you manage all your relationships. All relationships are marriages of two human beings from different angles, only difference is that there aren’t any legal papers or vows exchanged to make one realise their existence. These are special bonds made with our hearts and sealed with invisible vibes. So I deeply thank the people who are with me through everything in life and in return I promise to do the same because LIFE my friend and every relationship is always a two way street. Cheers!



My feet hurt, but my mind and heart tell me to keep moving! 


The journey of our life begins right when we’re in our mother’s womb. We don’t even realise where we are until much later in life, when we start putting two and two together. From the start, it’s just eat, poop, sleep- repeat. The routine is natural and we have our own signature Bell sounds which we calibrate according to our whims and fancies; this sound is supposed to be used as a call to alert our helpers to feed or change us, but we use it to our advantage and sometimes misuse it as well when we just want attention. 

When we grow up, we start making playlists out of them, and then they become our very own ‘Throw your tantrum’ album.

Anyhow, we all know these things are done for attention and why do we want attention; you may wonder?! Well let’s get to that in a minute. 
Human as we are, don’t want to be left alone, yet we want space and crave our private time. So until we realize that our own company is the best company at least for the 1/4 of our lives, we keep wanting attention.

Most people don’t need someone in their lives; they think they need them, but it’s just something society has made us believe. We crave someone because we want them and don’t want to feel lonely and alone. Even so, we want our space and want to live our lives our own way.

This is a classic- I want my cake, and I want to eat it too scenario. Well,making a cake may sound easy but it isn’t. And if you ruin the cake, you will either have to chuck it or eat it alone! However, yes, positively as life should be taken, in some cases, if done properly it can be attained  with some misses here and there. So the best case scenario being, you’ll end up with some gaps in your cake but you’ll get to eat it! 

Life happens when you are busy making plans! 

This makes so much sense… however much you plan something, what’s meant to happen will happen! 

So, life is short but lovely. Live it to the fullest. When the heart, mind and body have a battle, try to make peace and get them all to come to a certain compromise.

A constant battle of thoughts keeps us going, and life goes on…

The whole idea is to live life with happiness, and even if you feel you’re alone, enjoy your own company coz it doesn’t get better than that. Be grateful for the loved ones around you. Family comes first and friends who become family are next in line. 

Enjoy every bit of the experiences in life, take them as they come. Every mistake in life is something you learn from, make the most of every situation. Take the good from the bad. If something bad happens, try to be thankful that it wasn’t something very big. Nothing can be bad enough, everything can be taken care off with your own will-power and determination. 
So even when your body refuses to move again, take the help of your mind and heart to push you forward. 

Try and try until you succeed! 



The long and short of life!



It’s been sometime I have written and I was just not able to write maybe because I didn’t want to feel or think anymore. I just wanted to live life as it came which I did and continuing to do so even now.

Life is a constant teacher, It gives us such hidden meanings out of the most random things. The other day I told a friend, ‘ Life is short but it can turn out to be very long if you’re unhappy!’- this is so true. I mean have you thought about this? It’s already February 8th today and the year 2016 went off like a breeze and now 2017 seems to be waltzing by as well. I am the grateful kind and I am very happy for what I have in life, but yes there are many things I would want to include in my life ( that story is for another post, some other lifetime maybe.wink wink ) If a person is not happy, they feel life is dragging and no fun at all and they come up with the line –I am bored with my life.

Why would you get bored? There are so many things that can keep one busy! Though I have realised that people who don’t like to read or watch stuff tend to get bored easily. There is so much information out there for us to grasp, even two lifetimes won’t be enough. Knowledge is non-stop and every other moment you realise you don’t know what is right and what is wrong!

The constant argument I have with my father is that there isn’t just one right and one wrong in life. There can be two rights too. It’s only a difference of opinion. It can’t be my way or the highway. My father is the one who always says one should never say ‘ I know!’ because that in itself shows you don’t want to learn more.

Now, for whoever believes in rebirth. Rebirth is a concept to relearn what we couldn’t in our previous lives, it’s like a repetitive class but without the previous knowledge. It’s a sick way of saying, come one get this right but you won’t remember what you did wrong the last time! Well however it is, IF and when you get the hang of this game called life, you progress to the next level and that takes a lot of practice my friend, so I have been told repeatedly, Practice makes perfect!

About life’s endless decisions, one has to make their own choices, everyone will give their advice and support but we come into this life alone, we’re surrounded by people but when we’re going through our share of troubles only we can help ourselves, and we go alone leaving behind the ones who grieve losing us. ( If we are lucky!)

My constant Mantra in life among some other is to ‘Be happy’ however else we feel. We should be happy 85 % of our lives, 15 percent can be given to sadness but we shouldn’t dwell upon it too much. Feel sad but then move on, that is what life is, teaching us to pick up the pieces and charge ahead. Take life by it’s horns and ride it badass!




















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C’est la vie…Such is life!

such is life.jpg

d6c91edcc2773b7e086a878ab3808c85The stories you hear, the news pieces you read, the personal experiences that surround you and your close ones, this is all what makes the basis of our thoughts and through them knowingly or unknowingly our thoughts are processed. Just the other day I wrote about time and how we don’t know how much time we have left. In a matter of days I heard of 4 young people dying, one because of the fault of a hospital, one due of heart failure and two because of road accidents. All these people were in their 20’s. Age is no longer the criteria mentioned for a long life. No assurances are given and no promises kept. Such is life’s way of keeping us on our toes.

Many people live their lives like it’s their last day on earth. Some live like they have all the time in the world. Some don’t really care. And some take everyday as it comes. Optimism is a good trait and we need to be prepared for anything in this lifetime. LIFE is very unpredictable, you never know what it can throw at you in a matter of minutes.

Taking this into consideration people sometimes make life altering decisions. Some quit their jobs and go to travel the world. Some try to do something substantial with their lives and try to build a future for their loved ones, just in case they are not here tomorrow. Some live for themselves and are there for their family and friends if and when need be. Each in their own way make an effort.

However close knit we are, we have to remember we come alone in this world and we go alone. No one will think of you  IF you don’t think of yourself. However selfish this may sound but this is how it  all boils down to these days.

The people in your lives, family will stick with you more or less if you’re lucky. But as for friends…

One day you’re strangers, the next day you’re friends, some friends stay for life and are closer than extended family, some become strangers again. Some people stay hiding in corners in your life, they come out to play hide and seek once in a while and therefore the kind of intensity you shared with them earlier dies away.

As the saying goes,

                                                            Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 3.20.45 PM.png 

Some friends come into your life for a reason, others come only for a season.

Expectations, if too many create disappointments in life. It’s human nature to expect and sometimes you just can’t help yourself. If you don’t expect even the smallest non-expectant news will be a huge surprise in life then!

Reality has a way of bringing us back to normality in life. We keep getting reality checks and we keep on  living and learning. 

All these experiences make us who we are. So chin up and face life like today’s the only day you have! Unpredictable as life is we have to learn to pick up the pieces and start again, sometimes at the same puzzle and sometimes on another.


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Stalkerish Much?



Do you feel you have stalkerish tendencies? I mean with  social media and the world-wide web’s information at the tip of our fingers we can pretty much get any information about anyone we want to know or we already know. Have you ever felt that you like or you’re infatuated and want to know everything there to know about that person?

Do you go borderline psycho and want to know every move they make?!

Every breath you take…every move you make…I’ll be watching you!

Funny thing, This is a song of a stalker and many people, even I, always related to it as a love song. Such is the irony of life!

As a friend recently pointed out that there is a fine line between a lot of things.

For example:

  • Having a crush and obsession
  • Liking and Loving
  • Loving and Hating
  • Enjoyment and Addiction

What happens when we try to make someone the focus of our day and our life?

We tend to lose the whole objective of living life. Being Happy and content!

YeS! I agree this does bring us happiness but moreover self-induced sorrow.

Guess this is Part and parcel of life…The ups and downs / highs and lows…So on and so forth!

When life throws yorkers and bouncers at us, we need to duck them!( Heard this in a movie I saw recently.) Cricket philosophy at it’s best! 

 Most of the time people reciprocate the other person’s feelings but get put off with the intensity that’s thrown their way. Balance is the key in any situation as I have mentioned in my earlier posts. Balance is something we can’t handle when emotions get the better of us. BUT life is such that sometimes we need to handle the silence after the storm. The normal life after the exciting roller coaster ride we get got off from and can’t stop reminiscing about!

We have to TRY and sit back and enjoy the journey until we reach the destination.


Emotions are very tricky…That’s why they say you must not say anything when you’re high strung on extreme emotions.

Say only what you truly mean. BUT most times timing matters.

IF your timing of what you have said is wrong then you may not get the desired effect.

Time and Place for everything!

I hate playing games in life…I know it’s all exciting and all. I don’t mean video games… I mean MIND GAMES.

Playing hard to get is good but being yourself is the best version of playing life’s emotional game.

Please don’t become a different version of you and suddenly turn Halloweenish.

Sometimes I feel this is our own psychological way of getting rid of people or situations we’re scared to handle. The mind and heart have their own battle and suddenly decision is made to go on a self suicidal mission.

There should be a button where you can hit every time you want to self sabotage your own life!

Your friend or friends need to know of this button…They can hit you on your head or your ass and make you abort this dumb trip you have been ON! This button should also be used when we tend to over think, obsess, over analyse, assume or presume situations.

 There should also be an internal timer that can help you slap your own face and bring you  slow down and not take your brain and heart into overdrive. Get off that roller coaster and try to walk instead.

When we are born, we learn to crawl, stumble and walk, then walk and then learn to run. So need to apply that to emotional lives as well. Take every step and live life each day as it comes.

Anyhow, As I always say, Only YOU have the power to make the CHANGE you want in your life!

So laugh it off, try to curb your stalker tendencies, divert your mind and enjoy life as it’s meant to be lived. Be happy!








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How much time do we really have?



What is time? I’d rather not get into the technical specifications of time. I want to talk more about it in relation to how we look at it in our day to day lives. Do we live each moment as it’s our last or do we think there is always tomorrow? Do we try to make the most of our lives and be happy with what we have? There is nothing wrong in running after a passion or work but have you stopped to think if suddenly your life was to end, what would remain? Will you have time to even think what happened?

Time is something we cannot stop or hold in our hands, seconds turn into minutes, minutes in hours, hours into days- days in months, months in years and so on n so forth. This is for the lucky lot, what about the ones who don’t have months or years?

Don’t want to get you into a depressing frame of mind. I am also only trying to gauge along with you how time should matter to us. It’s not possible to suddenly realise and start doing everything you’ve always wanted to do and not leave it for the remainder years of your life. BUT what is possible is to try and cherish these days in a happier fashion.

We have such set norms and sometimes we try to stick to these norms and forget all about the basics of life. To me the basics of life revolves around happiness. This does not mean that I will always be smiling like a fool, no, I am human and I have my moods too. BUT I try my best to stay in a positive frame of mind.

Many people have told me you can think  like this because of the life you have and lead. Even Kings and Queens have known to be sad even after being born with a silver spoon in their hands. It’s not always about what we have, it’s about how you look at what you have!

Time- Age- Distance…All these are numbers, I understand very important numbers but if it’s all going to end, it will in nano seconds, then nothing will matter! So make the most of life and cherish it with friends and family. No one knows what is to happen and it’s best left hidden.

I can only conclude by saying, STOP living life by what others want you to live it as, THIS life is yours…Do what makes you happy and in turn try not to hurt anyone intentionally!

Cheers n Stay well!