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Protect yourself!

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Hey all, you must think what kind of topic is this now. Well it’s the type where even though I belong to an endangered species community, I will would advice people to be pro protection. Children are  the cutest, sweetest and most adorable creatures, or so I have been told. They sure can be all that, but when the tantrums roll, it’s trumpeting gone wild. Everyone wants their name to go forward, a little mini themselves or like their partners. BUT until you are a 10001 and 10001 and 10001 percent sure you can handle the ups and downs of emotions please reconsider having any little yous. Phew! God help me if and when I do decide I want to mother a child or two in the future. Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs in this whole universe. You shoulder the responsibility to mold a child to it’s best capabilities, but in the bargain you lose a lot and yes, achieve maternal or paternal bliss as well! As  a by-standing observer I can only say one thing…Just be sure before you do anything you won’t regret later on in life. Cheers!


Cut the cord.


The term ‘cutting of the cord’ can be explained as when a new born child and the mother are separated from each other literally by cutting the cord which was helping feed and keep the baby alive in the womb. This simple yet effective procedure is needed as now the baby will be able to eat and breathe on its own even though it will be relying on the mother for various other reasons.

Now comes the complicated explanation, cutting the cord can also be applied in numerous ways.

For e.g.:

  • When an individual is grown up and needs to take responsibility.
  • When an individual gets married and has his or her family to take care of.
  • When an individual has his or her own children and they in turn will understand this term in due course of time.

There are many instances when children want to explore and do things on their own but parents expect them to learn from the mistakes they have made already so they prompt them again and again and try to cushion their children’s lives, not understanding that if one doesn’t make their own mistakes they never learn what is or what isn’t to be done. Awareness is one thing but over caution can be injurious to one’s confidence level.

Most people have control issues in life which in turn can also be related to the cutting of the cord term. Everyone has a different way of working and most people can do wonders with their ways. Some take a little longer to do the work and some are faster, none the less each one should have the freedom to do their work as they please because if they are given the liberty to do so, they in turn will bring out results with flying colours and also enjoy each and every moment of the task assigned or taken over.

Elders or people responsible for other individuals need to understand when it time to, as I have repeated innumerous times in this article, cut the cord. They should not feel that if they do so, they will lose control. Control is something everyone wants a part of; it gives you a feeling of power, but with great power comes greater responsibility.

Every person has a right to choose the path they want in their life and learn and experience life to the hilt. Everyone has a right to their opinion and a good argument should always be encouraged.

Let’s hope that most people understand that trying to control other people’s lives is not something they should be proud of. Letting people live their lives, being happy and enjoying it to the fullest that matters. One life and anything is possible is what I’ve come to understand.

Cut the cord from other people’s control issues and always be safe and strong!

Thank you for all the love!

Hey there, have you all ever wondered how it feels when you get small joys in life and they give you the best feeling in this world?

A simple phone call, a birthday wish, a small gift from someone who you didn’t expect and top this all blessings from everyone.

We get the best feeling in the world when we don’t expect and receive anything. The surprise element is the best joy in this world.

On the occasion of me starting a fresh chapter in my diary of life, I thank everyone for the happiness they have sent my way in any form possible. I’m grateful and thankful for all the love.

Warm regards and lots of love to all,


A new year, an old-new yearn !


Hello everyone,

A bright new year to you all. A lot has happened and yet I am feeling nothing different. This year seems to be as most years go by and even though I have everything in my life I still seem to be missing a link. I just can’t understand how one missing link can make such an impact in one’s life. We come in life alone and we know we go alone, yet we yearn attachment. I mostly like to be an independent carefree person. Still as we are all social animals we crave company in every form possible. Socially connected to everyone doesn’t make us feel enlightenment, it gives us a certain sense of acceptance but leaves us craving and wanting more. Do you ever get the feeling of being alone in a crowd?

Hopefully I will overcome such mixed feelings this year around and get back on track with a more optimistic and healthier approach to life!

Cheers to you all…

May you all get what you wish for and much much more!

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Looking back at the year that has been I have realised it’s been a whirlwind more-so but time felt like it was passing at the right pace. I try to be a positive person and take things as they come, each day, each minute, each second… but then I am an impatient and moody person by nature, which I am trying to attain a balance since a very long time. I don’t know where I am heading but I know I intend to enjoy life as it comes. There are days I draw a blank and my panic button sets off, I have close friends and family who help me set off my panic buttons and get me back to where I need to be. BUT all said and done, we come into this world alone and even though we’re very social in nature as humans, I believe we’re all in it with all our trials and tribulations- ALONE, Alone to figure out life…Everyone is there to help and advice you, BUT only YOU can help yourself, no one else can! So here’s to figuring out life but not over thinking anything! Cheers!

General Obervations 110000000



Lots of stuff has been on my mind lately and my life schedule has gone haywire. Still I am happy with my life, me thinks at least 80% is good as it should be, would like to do something about maybe another 10-15 % more, other than that one can’t be perfect. Anyhow, at times in life you like people & they don’t like you or aren’t really interested besides just being nice to you (Thank god for the nice ones), other than that I have realized that there are people who like me, (yes! I am likeable! ) I am genuinely friendly and as nice as I can be too. That being the circle of life or life interests! Confidence levels waver a lot during such occurring in life. When someone likes you, you’re like jumping up and down in your mind even if you don’t like them back, BUT if you like someone and it isn’t reciprocated back you feel like your head and body has been swallowed by an Anaconda.  Phew! Such is the weirdness in emotional upheavals.

Emotionally it gets so complicated at times even if we don’t want it to be so! A girl has to wait for a guy to give her attention, and IF a girl is strong enough to approach a guy, it’s either taken in an ‘uhhh! She’s kind of too upfront or needy outlook!’ or if the guy is genuinely interested, the girl’s hit jackpot!

We say we are progressing but where is the progress? We still think the old ways. We still believe that Men are supposed to make the moves, men are supposed to do the supposed chasing, coz women like to play hard to get; I think it’s the Men who love to play the games! Why do we all love to play games?  Yes, I get it that it’s the spice of life, little mystery and little excitement! Yet, another weird scenario, most people are comfortable if the person they are trying to know is from the same city as them, coz most people don’t have time, or so they say! To multi-task everything, they don’t have the patience to get to know someone from a different city or country. In this Era of technology when we’re always connected, the excuse of not being able to keep in touch is quite useless.

I guess it all boils down to the Interest levels of people, also luck does play an important role in life, and don’t ask how or why. Because there are days I feel the luckiest thing on earth and days I feel so shitty why ccan’tget a little bit of luck my way.


You have to program yourself to feel confident, feel alive, feel and be healthy & live life positively!

Cheers to learning more in life and taking each step towards feeling more confident and happy with your life! Things go wrong in life to learn from them, don’t look at them as mistakes, look at them as experiences and you’ll always learn as you go along the way. If someone doesn’t like you – it’s their loss, if something doesn’t happen that you really wanted -something better is in store for you, if you’ve been in the dumps- There is always today to cheer up and look up and feel the highs in life!

So it’s all up to us, to feel shitty about ourselves or to look towards a better today and much brighter tomorrow in a cheerful and positive way!

Heart attack


Unpredictable as they come,

Heartbreaks wind you down,

Make your heart shatter,

Like nothing in the world would matter,

Now that you’re back to reality forlorn,

Life needs to keep moving on,

One step at a time towards the unknown,

Take your time doing this steady and slow,

Life loves laughing at your face and saying I told you so,

Just pick up the pieces and get back on that horse of life,

Coz you’re one tough cookie,

Life’s tumbles and falls make you strong and humble.