Do you Hibernate ?!

Bear in Cave

Has it ever occurred to you that our mind needs a hibernation period to recuperate? Well, It’s known that the mind doesn’t stop thinking even when it’s asleep but it is in this rest phase and for that one needs to respect that and give the mind the rest it deserves.

People feel that a person who sleeps more is depressed, maybe it is true but sometimes I have noticed that depressed people seldom sleep. I for one LOVE my sleep. I am not saying I don’t like to be adventurous or live my life, BUT I feel every person should get their share of sleep cause it calms you down. Therefore the saying, ‘Sleep it off ‘which means to stop the bad effects of having too much of something by sleeping for as long as it takes to end those effects.

Lots of people like to over exert themselves to distract themselves into not thinking. I feel sleep is the best remedy ever, it really helps you unwind and relax.

You go into this wonderland where there is nothing you worry about and everything is how it should be, Yes…That is why they call it the dream world.

Dreams are different from reality, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living our lives and be overly practical about everything. In life one can’t be too dreamy or too practical, there has to be a balance and that is VERY difficult to achieve. I said difficult and not impossible. Most people live their whole lives and still they are not able to achieve what they truly desire, but life is a chase.

That is what keeps us going. The thrill of the chase.

We can never stop wanting something. It’s always something or the other. I am not saying we are not grateful for what we have, but we want more so that we can be grateful for that as well!

Ah! The ironies of life. Things we want and the things we seldom achieve. The things we wanted and got, we lose their value and the things we didn’t want and now are not getting are things we run after. Yikes! Did I confuse you or am I confused myself ? Naaah! Read it once again, I am sure you’ll get it.

Just like your computer your brain needs a restart after it’s being hibernating for quite some time. Life gives us many opportunities to such restarts, all we have to do is realise where they are and press that button right on time.

So on that note I would say, hibernate your mind off and on but then comes a time that hairy ball needs to be unplugged, you got to move your lazy posterior and face life like a bear and roar it alive!

That’s what She said! (A love letter that I wrote for the games evening yesterday.Luckily I won that round!)

My dearest and sweetie pie! I miss you a lot! Every minute I spent with you comes to mind with every song that plays on the radio! I love the way you sent me digital kisses even though I couldn’t feel them they hit the spot on my heart. I can’t tell how much I feel your emptiness. I love you and wish I could have gotten more time to get to be with you.

You are my monkey!!!  You are my song to the deepest tunes played on the piano of my heart. I feel you should be happy wherever or whoever you are with. Wish you the best with or without me! I will always love you. If you are meant to be with me then I will be with you! Destiny and Karma have played their dirtiest games. Let’s see who wins at the game of love! Cheers to life! Lots of kisses and hugs. Mwaah! Lots & lots of happiness! I’m repeating myself but that’s how much I feel for you.

Those days will be etched in my book of life. Cheers to spending more. Love you Lots, Ay. <3


Change is always the new black!


In life just when you think you have figured out the key to happiness, life throws you a confusing curve ball and you gotto get down to start figuring life and it’s loopholes again. The key to this is to let yourself be confused for a wee bit and then get back on the horse that’s saddled up and ready to go where you lead it to.

Life needs us to keep facing new areas in life. Everything isn’t exactly how we imagine it to be. If too much goes our way, we either get bored or we panic. So best is to get happiness in small doses, just about enough of which we can handle.  We tend to get extra scared when we get too happy as well. We feel something will go wrong and invariably it does too coz we will it to go wrong.

Doubts make us this way. Doubts drain us of our positivity. We need to stay positive and reach out to ourselves.

We need to know that change is good for us. In life we should know how to restart and start fresh. Face the same music but dance a different step to the same tune.

Life needs to be so that we feel sadness to understand the true meaning of happiness. Start yet again and accomplish which  you know you have it in you to do so.

Give it your best shot and don’t ever think that life is unfair. Life gives everyone  a chance. Sometimes some get  less and some get more!

The only thing that is constant in life is change. Live and Let Live…We all get what is coming for us!

Change your attitude and change your life. :) Change is the Key word here! :) Embrace it!

The thrill of the chase!

Have you heard the line from a Batman movie where the joker says that I am like the Dog that loves chasing cars, but I have no clue what I would do with it once I actually catch it ?!  This is how human reactions are too most times. We love the whole idea of the chase, we want to bark, flap our ears, and go all ga ga over the person we’re wanting to be with, then as the person seems to be falling for our charm, we look at another car that’s going somewhere else and our attention diverts or we stop and wonder, what if I catch up and I don’t want to be near that car?


The whole idea of perfection that we run after is quite vague. I for one look for chemistry and attraction, in every form. People feel I look for perfection, but it’s not correct. I know what I will do when I chase the car I really want to be near or at least I think I have come to a level now that I won’t panic and run away in the opposite direction. Fingers and toes crossed!

Anyhow everyone likes to play hard to get but I feel it is better to be quite open and avoid playing games with people around you. Chase all you want but then don’t desert something because suddenly your panic button starts beeping and you want to run from here to Timbuktu. Well, I  guess we learn a lot of lessons from life but I for one feel it gets easier from one lesson to the other, but it hurts even more. These are the things that make you tougher and make you look at life as a bigger picture.


Times like these, we independant people, more-so need to suck in those 6 shots, Hug ourselves and hibernate for a good 2 weeks of awesome sleep.

Kudos to such confusing times in life that make us the people we are!

Hick Hick Hurray!

Love yourself!

images (1)

As the Parsi year comes to an end I try to think if I have any major regrets, what I should try to accomplish in the new year and how I should be more careful trusting people.

Life has risks, you have to take them at times can’t avoid them as such at all given times. But if any risk backfires on me I know I am woman enough to face the consequences. I shall be very scared or nervous but come what may I will handle it.

Everytime I try to make sure people around me are happy and content, there is only one person who pays the brunt of it and that is me. Life teaches us weird lessons, some of them tell to be selfish and not trust too easily. Some tell us there are good people in this world and it’s not that bad as it looks.

This is a bad-bad world, you got to have the guts to face life at it’s best and at it’s worst. Family will always stick by you come what may. Friends who are like family do the same.

Life decisions need to be made when you’re calm and at peace with yourself. Excitement also helps but sometimes when you think everything is going pretty smooth, you fall in a ditch or someone pushes you there. You gotto get up, clean yourself up and get moving with your life.

Always remember you are a very special person, never let anyone make you feel otherwise. Love yourself first and the world will love you! Treat yourself with respect and the world will respect you.

People only realise the value of something until they have lost it. So make yourself so valuable that even the person who has you will think 10 times before losing you.

Take each lesson in life as an experience and not a regret. Some people come into your life for a season and some come into your life for a reason.

If everything was fine and things didn’t workout, just remind yourself that it is their loss and not yours coz you are what you are. Perfection isn’t found in anyone. It is a connection people look for in any relationship.

Anyhow as the Parsi year comes to an end and the new year is just around the corner. I would like to wish each and everyone a very happy new year in advance.

Happiness and prosperity to all.

Love yourself coz You are your best friend! You come alone into this world and you die alone. It is only your soul that is yours! Hang on to it tight and don’t let the negativity of this world get too deep! Peace out.


Go with the flow!


It’s never too late to start over. Life’s most exciting and nerve wrecking behaviour pattern is unpredictable. One moment everything is going smooth in life or you lack excitement, then suddenly out of nowhere you see a rainbow of hope and happiness but as the phase passes the rainbow disappears and all that is left is the sky with a few scattered clouds. Sometimes it’s clear sky and sometimes it’s got black clouds that may or may not end up bringing you that rainbow yet again. In life most humans are never to scared to start over but some find it very strenuous or stressful. At first I find it cumbersome, mostly it’s the thought of doing something over and over again till you get it right. The says does say that practise makes it perfect.My sis says if you get it right once you don’t need to keep trying over and over again. So the attempts continue till the right end result is achieved.

It all depends on how badly you want something in life. If you don’t it then it doesn’t matter anyhow. If someone wants to be in your life, he or she will be, no excuses or no reasons would be necessary. Sometimes or most times if you’ve tried your best at something and it’s not working out, then it’s best to let it go and if it’s meant for you it will come back or else it wasn’t yours in the first place.

So fellow humans…I can only but suggest which I usually try to do in life and often forget in the whirlwind  of happiness or sadness; Take life one day at a time.So go with flow and cross the Bridge when it comes! We never know what might happen coz life loves to play the game called Unpredictability

Curiosity killed the cat!


Have you ever realised that curiosity can be a very tricky emotion? It leads us to assumptions and presumptions… These can really screw with our minds and hearts. The simplest of stuff can get all knotted and twisted. You feel that everything is out to get you and nothing in life isn’t going your way.

Life is so unpredictable. One moment its all sunshine and the next second it can turn deary and thunderstorm appears. It’s how you handle yourself during this period that matters. Everyone can get through sunny days and feel real great about themselves but can you get totally drenched to your bones in emotions and then come out feeling alive? That is the true test my friend.

Usually people say words are the best friend to communication but I have realised silence plays an important role too. Though silence can be a real killer, the wait of not knowing whats happening in the other person’s mind is damn irritating. That is where curiosity comes and you want to dip yourself in the pool of questions which were better off unasked.

So I don’t know what one can do while being in such a situation but I think with personal experience, only time can tell. So either shoot out all the stupid curious questions and make a fool of yourself or just stay mum, die a slow death in your mind but wait it out and see what happens.

That is the only explanation to this mind and heart numbing experience. So all my kittens out there, beware, be aware n don’t forget to take care!

Faith & Belief!

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What is faith? Is it something that you just have or is it something you truly believe in? Does it help you if you have strong affirmations towards it or does it just blindly lead you into something you regret?

Faith can be for a lot of stuff. The main principle behind faith is belief. Belief is also a very interesting word. What one believes can truly change the person’s life. If one believes in a person and has total faith, that in itself can change your whole life. If your belief is trampled with, it can spoil your life and deject you totally. Belief in religion can easily make or break a person.Faith is something that pushes us to be strong. For me belief and faith so hand in hand. Everything is interconnected. I believe life teaches us to have faith and make sure we learn from our experiences.

Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, when it’s bad at that moment you want to scream on the top of your lungs but you don’t realise that, its happening to save your butt from getting fried later.

So with a little belief that life does this to make you prepared for everything, lets take a leap of faith!  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst as one particular person had always told me in life. Usually all his other words were rubbish but these made this phrase made sense. Sometimes the simplest words can mean a whole lot and the thickest book can just be a pile of gibberish.

Cheers to what lays ahead, with a little faith and hoping that the belief to be understood in life stays ON.

Live and let live!


Life has a funny way with timings. Things happen when you least expect them to. You seem to lose hope and want to grasp anything that comes your way and then suddenly you find a string, you start pulling and it leads you to this wonderful box full of surprises. It’s not easy to handle change but one has to realise that nothing good in life comes easy. You gotto work towards it. You need to take your stand, proove your worth. We need to learn to not judge anything and also need to realise that life is so beautiful. We must learn to take it with a pinch of salt. All the good and the bad, the sadness with the happiness,the crying with the laughter.

Life teaches us all the lessons in her own sweet ways. Sometimes we learn them early and sometimes we take our time.

Take every day as it comes, learn from every teeny experience and enjoy life to the fullest. Make your own defintion of happiness and abide by it. Live and Let live. Cheers!

Oops…I did it again!


Have you ever realized that human nature is a glutton for punishment? Everything is going on smoothly and suddenly you feel life is too simple, too boring, too ordinary…Right then you make your life complicated for the mere thrill of it. It’s like you’re sitting in front of a video game and you’re driving a car, you can see that you’re going to hit a rock or a stone or another car, but that doesn’t bother you, you still carry on… because you feel it’s just a game, you can start over; in life, it’s not like that. We cannot undo our actions by starting over always. It’s like karma is following you with a cane in its hand. You do something wrong sooner or later it will lash out at you.

Mistakes in life should be taken as experiences as I keep repeating over and over again to myself and to whoever has the patience to listen or read what I write. Some people make mistakes on purpose through their subconscious. They later realize that they didn’t mean to do this but have wanted to because according to their minds they lead a very boring life which looks rosy to others but in reality sucks for them. A mistake made once is a mistake and can be taken as an experience but a mistake done over and over again is just an excuse. A mistake done intentionally or by mistake has its consequences. If you’re in the middle of it all, you might as well be brave enough to face the fat woman sing when the time comes.  

Well whatever said and done I feel life teaches us the lessons we need to learn to move on the proper course in our lives. It is how we look at life that matters. If we sit and brood over what’s happened we can only make ourselves more miserable than we already feel. Face the issues head on if and when need be and live life with an open mind and an open heart. Make amends and rethink your decisions in life. Always follow your gut and have the guts to live and let live.  Cheers!



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